About Athul

Who am I ?

A question that I have been asking myself since the day introspective reasoning stemmed in my mind. What I can tell you for certain is who I have been until this moment, but neither then am I the experiences I have had nor the paths I have traversed. 

I was born in India, the land of vedas, to a family of academicians. My grandfather was a scholar of ayurvedic medicine and my father a scholar of chemistry. My inquisitiveness and quest for knowledge and adventure has put me in the shoes of an engineer, an entrepreneur and now into the shoe of an Applied Neuroscience student. A few accolades, a lot of failures and a handful of mentors are what that have made me who I am today. 

As a student of Neuroscience, I am interested in the philosophy of mind and mathematical modeling of cognitive processes. All my neuroscience related articles can be read at Neuroage | In Quest of Deciphering the Mind.  

Writing helps me get clarity of thought and share ideas. Apart writing I also enjoy art in the forms of music and photography. 

If you are looking for CV like description, it can be found here