To Glen Rose, In Search of Serenity

16. March 2017 Travel 0

Coming from the southernmost state of India which has a tropical climate throughout the year, I was very much excited about the winter in US from the day I stepped my foot in Texas. But once the winter started, the excitement didn’t last much and I didn’t take that long to understand that in winter you can’t do much anything other than to do your work and go to school. It’s cold like a freezer outside and the weather is mostly gloomy. Though winter might look great in the photos, the reality is it’s despairing after some point. And it’s worse than being in a prison, if you have missed to plan some trip with your friends during the holidays.

Thus, after the winter detention period, rough days at grad school and research lab, even from the beginning of the new semester, I was getting low on my energy day by day. On time assignments and exams made sure that I won’t take a break in between to refill my pneuma. Thanks to spotify for providing with fresh flow of soothing music through the tough times, without which I would have turned into a machine without soul.

I hate to make same mistake twice and hence I didn’t think much when I got the invitation for the Glen Rose trip from our International Students Organisation as part of the spring break program. I right away signed up for the trip and was literally counting down for the day since then.

My agenda for the trip was simple: 1) Make new friends 2) Take some good photos 3) Get footage for making a travel video 4) Be in the moment and enjoy the trip beyond any agenda!

My University’s business and management school is famous for accepting too much of Indians to their program and hence most of my friends complain about them lacking the complete international schooling experience. Unlike them I am in a program where there’s only very few Indians and I miss Indian friends. If I had learned anything in the past 7 months of US life, it is that no matter how hard we try to fit in their group, we won’t as we do with the people from our own country, an opinion which may or maynot change in the years to come. This is not racism, this is reality or the reality for me at least for the time being. So this was again another opportunity to get connect with more people from my country.

My friends from my program who were supposed to be coming with me for the trip couldn’t make it and hence the trip turned to something like a solo trip for me, which i thought might be boring but was quite the opposite. It in fact inspired me to go solo for the future trips with unknown gangs.  

One of the hardest part of networking and making new friends is initiating the small talks while you are complete strangers. Thanks to my camera for helping me there. The hosts also tried their best in creating an environment for everyone to socialize easily. Some found me as a quite different person from the crowd, some as a skilled photographer and some as someone who could be exploited to their needs. But somewhere in between these, I had meaningful conversations with a few people.

I roamed around with no strings attached, enjoying the beauty of Glen rose the spring has bestowed upon us, trying to capture a few glimpses in my device, to tell the story of Glen Rose Trip.

Below I’m sharing the travel video I have made: